What can i do with Openpay?

Openpay is an app that connects to your bank, and helps you, your friends and family with everything involved in shared payments and expenses.

Send money to friends and family

When you send money with Openpay it happens through a direct account-to-account transaction. You authenticate with MitID, and it's the most secure way to send money.

Keep track of expenses when traveling with friends

Create a group in Openpay and add your shared expenses. Avoid calculation mistakes, and let Openpay do the work for you.

Arriving spring 2024

Split the bill when dining out

Avoid the awkard situation when the bill arrives. Simply scan the bill, and quickly split the payment. A no-brainer.

Arriving januar 2024

Virtuel joint-account with your parnter or roommate

Connect your existing bank accounts and get an overview of your shared budget and expenses. Every month you can see how much you spent, and then you can send money to each other.

Expected late 2024

Shared card for you and your friends

For your next trip with friends and familiy you can create a shared account, where you top-up money. Then you all have access to a virtual debit card inside the app, which you can use on your trip.

Arrives summer 2024

Exciting news on the way ;)

This summer we're unveiling a game-changer for your friends and family, that will truly democratize payments. Stay tuned!

How to get started

1. You are already far, because you found the website for the app! 😊

2. Download Openpay in the app store.

3. Open the app.

4. Follow the guide and create an account.

Add your name and phone number.

5. You are now ready to use the app! 🎉

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